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Prikkel von Rethe

Prikkel de Rethe Family

The Prikkel family was one of the oldest and most respected in Bratislava County. It is believed that they are the direct descendants of the original castle warriors of Reca, those Magyar knights entrusted with defense of the realm since the Magyar conquest of Pannonia in the 9th century. Whatever the case, their original name was simply their territorial designation, "de Rethe". The first member of the family to use the full surname was Georgius Prikkel de Rethe, in 1480.

Although the family properties were concentrated around Reca, it appears that by the 17th century their holdings extended over other villages in Bratislava County. This is because, between 1648 and 1699, members of the family appear in the list of magnates and powerful wealthy nobles of the County - specifically Stephanus, Andreas, Michael and Gasparus Prikkel (Regestrum seu Catalogus Dominorum Praelatorum, Magnatum et Nobilium sessionatorum inclyti Cttus Poson).

Istvan Prikkel de Rethe, the son of Andras, distinguished himself on 10 October 1683 at the Battle of Parkany (Sturovo). This was a massive defeat of the Ottomans, orchestrated by Jan Sobieski the King of Poland, immediately after the Ottomans failed in their Siege of Vienna. Istvan Prikkel was there as part of the noble levee of Bratislava County (in return for their privileges, Hungarian nobles had to take part in person in all defensive wars against Hungary).

In 1816, Ferencz Prikkel was a iudex nobilium of Bratislava County. Dezso rethei Prikkel (1863 - 1913, Rete) was also iudex nobilium of Bratislava County (Pozsony varmegyei foszolgabiro).

A branch of the family lived in the area of Pezinok (Bazin); from this line comes the abovementioned Ferencz, viscount of Bratislava County. His son Anton was the city judge of Modra (Modor).

During the early 20th century, certain members of the family changed their name to "Rethey", perhaps to "return" to a more ancient-sounding and original surname. Others use the usual noble double barreled "Rethey-Prikkel".


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